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Purification Journey Prana Healing Program in Bali

”The Journey of yoga healing, Purification and Ritual”

Canang Making

“Canang Sari” are the traditional offerings which are made by  Balinese women every morning in every Hindu household. Making these hand sized baskets seemed to be a beautiful way to start the day. The weaving and gathering of ingredients is a quiet, reflective process and a genuine form of giving thanks. The ritual offerings are usually made of young yellow coconut leaves, flowers, food and incense. 


Pranayama, teaches conscious breathing that can reduce emotional upheaval, so that we can breathe more balanced, calm and deep. Also breathing in fresh natural environment will greatly help to cleanse toxins in the body, replacing them with clean and new air in the body. Breathing consciously work directly at the center of integration of mind and body. Memory is the movement of breathing, and breathing is the movement of memory. The pattern of breathing is usually closely related to our emotions and state of mind. For example, when we are worried, how difficult it is to breathe calmly and deeply. Or when we are angry, our breath will be heavy and fast. When we are in a hurry, then the breath will be fast and jerky. When we are calm, the breath will be deep and slow. Conscious breathing will help the flow of movement and help us to focus on the present and the physical movements that must be done, so that breathing consciously will help us be more focused and full of concentration.


water blessing komang sukerni

Blessing in Waterfall

Water healing process 7 step as follow:

  • Offering presentation of Pejati and Canang Sari then pray by knowing that we will hoping the water healing by requested as follow. Entering the Kereb Langit ask for medication, pregnancy and Currier opportunity.
  • In A spring water Rambut Sedana is the place for pray the fortune lucky of life.
  • By visiting and touching the first waterfall for Balanced the emotion, sadness, angry and uncontrollably emotion by shutting loudly or crying as much as we can.
  • By visiting second waterfall, to increase the happiness and glorify the God blessing by clap the hands and make a laughing as greatest as we can to create energy positive which available in our body.
  • In the natural shower of Ida betari ratu niang sakti dan ratu pedanda lanang we do the praying by water healing hoping that all of our activity get a blessing.
  • Accepting the holy water


Releasing Bird

Go down in front of Ida Betari Ratu Niang SAKTI Releasing birds serves to ensure that we must always synergize with nature above the middle and the bottom … birds are caused by one animal that can synergize with air, land and water. 

planting tree prana healing yoga bali

Planting Tree

Planting trees is like preserving the contents of the universe, one of which is plants so that the earth remains green and trees are one of the absorbent and store water in the ground so that the water in the ground remains stable and trees also store air / oxygen when the weather is hot … that’s why we have to preserving plants by planting as many trees as possible so that we show that we love nature and will love us.

jaye mejaye prana healing yoga bali

Mejaye Jaye

Its function is to melt the negative energy that is in the body and to generate and bind the positive energy that is in itself directly from the soul of the soul and symbolically head bound with karawista / ambengan /, leaves of thatch.

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